Terms and Conditions


These Terms are like a contract between you and DealAcres Pvt Limited, the company that owns and runs the website and provides services through it. When you use the website or any of its services, you agree to follow these rules.

Before using the website, it's important to read and understand these rules and policies. When you use any specific service on the website, like leaving a product review or seller review, you'll also need to follow additional rules for that service.

DealAcres can change these rules at any time. If they do, the new rules will be in effect as soon as they're posted on the website. So, it's a good idea to check for updates from time to time.

Sometimes, damight need to temporarily stop the website for things like maintenance or updates. They won't always be able to let users know in advance when this happens.

Define Terms

  1. Agreement: This term encompasses the fully completed application form, any accompanying attachments, and the terms and conditions outlined herein. It is considered executed in New Delhi.
  2. Company: Refers to Deal Acres Pvt. Limited is an existing entity established under the Companies Act of 2013, with its principal office at [Corporate Office Address].
  3. Date of Commencement: The date on which the User's application for the service is accepted.Date of Termination: The expiration date specified in the termination notice or letter or when the services are intended to cease.
  4. Deal Acres.com: Denotes the internet website or mobile application operated by the Company, accessible at website link
  5. My Subscriptions: Comprises periodic information and descriptions of the Services provided by the Company to the User, as documented in writing or presented on the Deal Acres.com website.
  6. Registration Data: Refers to the compilation of all particulars and information provided by the User during the initial application and subscription process. This includes, but is not limited to, the User's name, telephone number, mailing address, account details, and email address.
  7. User: Encompasses individuals or corporate entities who act as Subscribers/Advertisers and Browsers/Visitors. This term applies to both those who are named in the application form, as well as their successors and authorized assignees. "User" or "You" also encompasses any individual accessing or utilizing the Services offered by the Company to host, publish, share, list, transact, view, display, or upload information or opinions. Additionally, it includes other individuals jointly participating in using the Company's provided Services.


  • In this Agreement, words indicating the masculine gender are also inclusive of the feminine gender, and singular terms encompass the plural, and vice versa, as warranted by the context.
  • The term "persons" includes individuals and legal entities, such as corporations, whether incorporated or unincorporated.

Terms Service

The term services or service include the following:

  • Services offered by DealAcres.com on the internet through its official website (link) and its all ventures.
  • User can also go through the search tool via hosted database and information, which fulfills their search criteria
  • Advertising such as listing, banners ads, poster ads and display ads by the user of our website.


You promise the company that you are at least 18 years old and capable of making a legal agreement. This means you are old enough and responsible enough to follow the rules we set out in these Terms & Conditions. If you're younger than 18, you can still use the website, but you have to do it with your parents' or legal guardians' help and permission. They should use their account to guide you.

Before you can post content or leave comments on the website, you need to create an account. To do this, we need some information from you. This includes your full name, age, email address, where you live, and how we can contact you by phone. It's important to provide accurate information to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience on our site.

Subscription Fees:

  • The cost you need to pay for using our service will be listed on the "My Subscriptions" page or decided by us.
  • You start owing this cost from the beginning date of your subscription.
  • If you're just a regular user looking for property and not a business, you might only have to pay this fee if we change our policy later.

Refund policy:

For any of the services bought by the User is now not required, then in that case:

If the cancellation request is made within seven days of commencement, 100% of the amount will be refunded to a customer's bank account after deducting GST and payment gateway.

But if the request is made after seven days and within one month, then 30% of the amount and gst paid and payment gateway is forfeits by the company.

Thereafter refund policy is not applicable.

The refund process may take 24 to 48 hours.

Owner refund policy:

Chargeback policy:

  • Payment for all services must be made in advance
  • Once you've paid for our services,the refund will depend upon the company's terms and conditions. There might be some special cases where we decide to refund, but it's entirely up to us.
  • If you owe us money for other things, we might use your payment to cover that debt. Please keep in mind that we can only guarantee when the money will appear in your bank account when it comes to refunds. It depends on many factors, like how online transactions work, the internet infrastructure, and banks' and financial institutions' working days and holidays. So, be patient if you're waiting for a refund, as it can take some time.


  • If company removes any content from its website or other platforms at any time. Then they might have to pay cancellation fees, and the rates for these fees are explained in the cancellation and refund policy.
  • If you buy a Platinum listing package and pay online, you usually can't cancel or get a refund, except if you paid with a cheque or demand draft. In those cases, you can only cancel before the company receives and processes your payment.

So, understand the cancellation rules and fees before you remove content or cancel a payment.

(technical fault is not liable but in other case we are liable)


  • Secure Transactions: Your transactions are safe and protected when you use our website. We use end-to-end encryption to keep your information private and shield it from third parties.
  • No Storage of Card Info: We don't collect or keep your credit or debit card details. You provide this information directly to a trusted payment gateway, which follows all the necessary rules and regulations.
  • Protect Your Account: Keeping your user ID and password secret is crucial. Please change your password regularly, and don't share it with anyone else.
  • Use Your ID: Your user ID is unique, and you should only use it yourself. Don't let others use it.
  • No Ownership of IDs: You don't own your user ID or any other codes we assign you. We can change or reassign them at our discretion without liability.
  • Report Theft or Loss: If your user ID, password, or security word is stolen or lost, tell us immediately by phone and follow up with a written notice. You're responsible for any use of our services by others until you report the loss.
  • Secure Sharing: Only your organization and its employees should use the username and password we provide. Take precautions to prevent unauthorized access or leaks.
  • No Automated Downloads: Don't use software to automatically download or extract information from our database without our written consent.
  • No Liability for Fraud: We are not responsible for fraudulent transactions or money deductions from your bank account.

User Responsibilities and Commitments:

  1. Provide accurate and complete information during registration.
  2. Understand that the company will verify the data provided on the site.
  3. Obtain any necessary licenses, permits, or approvals for using the service at your own cost.
  4. Follow company instructions and notices for using the service.
  5. Take responsibility for applicable taxes and all costs incurred while using the site's services.
  6. Ensure the confidentiality of your password and user identification and all activities performed using them.
  7. Be responsible for all activities on your account.
  8. Promptly report any unauthorized account use or security breaches to the company.
  9. Make timely payments of subscription fees.
  10. Confirm that you are at least 18 years old and legally able to enter into a contract.
  11. Set up your equipment to access the services.
  12. Understand that online advertisements on the site take ……… hours to process.
  13. Accept that the data entered can be saved and used by the company as they see fit.
  14. Grant the company certain rights over the material or data you display on the site.
  15. Indemnify the company for any claims arising from information you posted on the site or on your behalf.
  16. Take responsibility for the accuracy of the data you enter on the site.
  17. Promise that the data you enter belongs exclusively to you and not to any third party.
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